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For some families its a chance to learn how to play together.

Our Programs - Camps for Families

Unique among program providers in Victoria, we also offer camps for entire family groups.

The family unit, however you define it, is the cornerstone of our community.  A community that cultivates the strengths of families with time, effort and imagination will be rewarded with a community that flourishes and grows.

A strong family, more than any other force, shapes the attitudes, the hopes, the ambitions, and the values of children. 

We believe strong families are not accidents but rather the result of attention and support. To us this means providing services to help and support families to become stronger and therefore better able to nurture and support their children.

Our camps focus on not simply providing an escape from the difficulties of home, but also building a sense of familial unity, bonding, resilience and strength.  Social isolation is addressed as many families establish relationships with each other and a sense of community.

Referring agencies regularly tell us that our family camps provide a rare opportunity for families to have a holiday
from the stresses of their lives and build relationships with others who can genuinely empathise with their
challenges and struggles.

ERC hosts five family camps each year.  No other organisation provides this unique service and with the need for
a family holiday so great, we are always inundated with applications.  Unfortunately we have limited placement on each camp and necessity dictates that we have to decline many applications and so numerous participants miss
out on the break that they so desperately need. 

Asylum Seekers Family Camp

Over the Labour Day Long Weekend we operate a camp for families who are seeking asylum in the community to have a weekend camp holiday experience. These camps are run in conjunction with different referring agencies. 

Who are Family Camps for?

Places on some ERC programs are open to families experiencing social or economic disadvantage.
We operate up to two family camps each year open for referrals from agencies. 

How do I Apply for Camp?

All children and families must be referred by a social services agency, school or  medical service provider. Please visit our Important Information for Referrers page.


Our Summer and Winter Family camps are held in the school holidays and are open for applications from all referring agencies. In addition to these camps, we run Family Camps over the Labour Day and Queen's Birthday long weeks and over the September school holidays. These three family camps are held in partnership with a referring agency.

"My son and I, over recent years, have had the support of social workers, counsellors, doctors and any number of paid professionals, but it wasn’t until we attended your family camp that I felt valued as a member of the community. 

I met these amazing young people, who weren’t paid to be there, they were volunteers; they just wanted to spend time with my son and I.  I can’t describe what that means to me. The passion, humour and patience the ERC camp volunteers showed, gives me hope not only for my future, but also for a society I despaired for."

Gina,  family camp participant


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