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Making new friends is a huge part of camp

Our Programs - Camps for Kids

Our volunteers are constantly in awe of the kids’ tremendous resilience and hunger to find joy in all things.

On camp children are able to laugh, play, sing, dance, run amok and have fun – things that most Australians view as essential ingredients of growing up.  

For the children who attend, the camps also promote personal growth, helping them develop life skills and enhancing their sense of value and worth.

The 1:1 ratio allows for one on one attention, something that many of the children we work with are starving for.  Many of the benefits stem simply from the kids being able to spend time with compassionate, caring and enthusiastic people who can act as positive role models in their lives. 

Camps also serve the purpose of providing short-term respite care. This allows the families or carers of children the chance to cope with their difficulties, secure in the knowledge that their children are being well cared for and having fun.

Kids Camps for 8-11 year old boys and girls 

We hold four-day kids camp during the January and July school holidays. Each camp is made up of up to 28 children and 38 volunteers.

We use a variety of campsites which all provide cabin accommodation, onsite cooked meals and large recreational space. 

Traveling in 12 and 22 seat buses, each camp enjoys an excursion-based program with activities such as:Small-CampKids2.jpg

  • Visiting a local farm
  • Swimming at the pool, beach or aquatic centre
  • Over night camp-out
  • Bike riding
  • Archery
  • Art and craft activities
  • Cooking
  • Organised free time

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Teenage Boys Camps for young men aged 12 – 15 years

Each year we hold two camps for teenage boys, a Summer Camp and a Spring Journey Camp.

In January, the Summer Boys Camp is a five-day camp based at a beautiful campsite on the Great Ocean Road near Lorne. The camp accommodates up to 16 teenage boys and 25 volunteers. The program places a high focus on adventure activities with plenty of support from a 1:1 ratio of volunteer to participants.

Small CAMP FOR KIDS 1_edited-1.jpgThe main activities are:

  • Surfing
  • Mountain bike riding
  • Canoeing
  • Swimming at a local surf beach
  • Bush walks in the Otway Ranges

This camp provides fantastic role-modeling for young men, where social skills, self-confidence and enjoyment are upmost, creating a real sense of belonging to a short-term community.

Over the September school holidays we hold a Spring Journey Camp in Malmsbury. This five day program includes hiking and two nights camping in tents. In encourages overcoming problems, leadership and team building.

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 Teenage Girls Camps for young women aged 12 - 15 years

This is a 5 day camp, held in January each year, based at a beautiful campsite along the Great Ocean Road near Lorne. This camp accomodates 16 young women and 25 volunteers. The camp provides an atmosphere supporting young women in a supportive 1:1 ratio environment. 
Activities on the camp include:

  • Canoeing
  • Swimming at local surf beachOlder Girls Camp 2014
  • Surfing
  • Art and Craft Activities
  • Dance
This camp provides fantastic role-modeling for young women, where self-confidence and enjoyment are celebrated,
creating a real sense of belonging to a camp community and into wider society.

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Who are Edmund Rice Camps for?

Places on ERC programs are open to children and young men and women (as outlined above) experiencing social or economic disadvantage.

How do I Apply for Camp?

All children must be referred by a social services agency, school or  medical service provider. Please visit our Important Information for Referrers page.

Camp Dates

  • Summer School Holidays
  • Winter School Holidays
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