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Our Programs - Camps for Migrant and Refugee Kids

Many of our volunteers also volunteer as tutors to refugee students with Edmund Rice Community and Refugee Services in St Albans. We have identified an emerging need to provide specific camping programs for refugee children and families. This is further re-enforced by anecdotal reports from referring welfare agencies.

Many children in these communities have limited opportunities for holidays, play, positive peer relations and social networking outside their immediate community groups.

Edmund Rice Camps feels it has a role in providing these children with an opportunity to experience positive and empowering relationships with young adults. The benefits however are twofold as the camps also provide volunteers with the opportunity to make personal contact with these groups, learn a little of their heritage and further foster appreciation of a multicultural Australia. Camps, combined with tutoring by Edmund Rice Community and Refugee Services, provide a holistic approach to assisting refugee young people and provide a solid foundation for resettlement in Australia.

Who are These Camps for?

We partner with two agencies that deliver services to refugee and migrant communities.  We operate two camps each year.  

How do I Apply for Camp?

These camps are not available for referral as we work in partnership with two agencies to provide camps exclusively for their clients.

AfricanMigrantCamp.jpgCamp Dates

  • Autumn School Holidays
  • Spring School Holidays

“For young people who are refugees or newly arrived in Australia, the developmental tasks of adolescence are compounded by the traumatic nature of the refugee experience, cultural dislocation, loss of established social networks and the practical demands of resettlement.”

Refugee Resettlement Advisory Council (2002). Strategy for Refugee Young People. Canberra, Department of Immigration, Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs.

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