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ERCVic pays tribute to two amazing leaders

What's News?   Tue 09-05-2017
Congratulate our newest Life Members

Each year the Board of Edmund Rice Camps Victoria is able to receive nominations for up to two people to be appointed as life members of the Association, these are people who have made a significant contribution to the organisation for at least 10 consecutive years.

This year, the Board approved Carly Randle and Jane Marandu being appointed Life Membership. of Edmund Rice Camps Victoria. Both Carly and Jane have contributed many years to camps here in Victoria and in Jane's case, has gone on to set up and run camps in Tanzania where she now lives.

Those who attended the AGM heard stories of how both of these amazing women have given so much of themselves in service of others.  A huge Eddie Rice congratuations to both Carly Randle and Jane Marandu, more about their Eddie Rice Journey to follow.


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