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In 2006 we celebrated 25 years of camps

About us - Our History

Our Inspiration



We draw the inspiration for our work from the founder of the Christian Brothers, Edmund Rice.

Edmund was a successful Irish businessman who became a missionary and educationalist of children who were disadvantaged.

By bringing education and more importantly hope to the hopeless, Edmund dreamed of breaking the cycle of exclusion and oppression. 

His efforts were geared towards empowering children so that they might have faith in themselves and participate in society to their fullest potential.




Our Story

In January 1981, a small group of Christian Brothers and students from Parade College, Bundoora, hosted two holiday camps on the grounds of their College.  Throughout the rest of the 1980s, ‘the Camps’ began to attract increasing numbers of young volunteers every summer, keen to spend a week with other young people that were in need of some attention and friendship.

From its informal beginnings Edmund Rice Camps (ERC) became Incorporated in 1987, coming under the control of an elected board, with ERC’s first full-time worker employed in 1989. From that time onwards, the camps became a regular school holiday fixture, growing to meet the needs of marginalised people in our ever-changing society.

Since its inception in Melbourne in 1981, similar programs have been established in other parts of Australia and New Zealand (www.edmundricecamps.org)  

All ERC affiliations operate relatively independently at an operational, funding and governance level, whilst providing support and assistance with networking and programming. 

Edmund Rice Camps celebrated 30 years of service to the Victorian community in 2011; this community of dedicated volunteers continues to build upon the unique vision created back in 1981.


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