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About us - Our Mission, Values and Future

Our Mission

Guided and inspired by the life of Edmund Rice, with a strong sense of social justice, we commit to the formation of a dynamic and supportive community. By inviting and challenging our volunteers to act as positive role models, we provide opportunities to young people and families for growth, support and enjoyment in an atmosphere of acceptance, care and fun. 

Our Values


 We draw inspiration from the life and vision of Edmund Rice

 We stand in solidarity with disadvantaged children and families

 We promote sustainable living and prudent use of earth’s resources


 Edmund Rice brought hope to the impoverished of his society

 We generate hope and meaning for children and families



Dynamic, supportive community is the bedrock of our outreach

Strong ERC community empowers our young adult volunteers

Our community based approach to evaluation models change

Our programs are inclusive, regardless of race, gender or religious beliefs


It Is the precondition for all ERC relationships

Our relationships embody respect, integrity, accountability and transparency 


Empowering participants to enhance capacities, life skills and self-worth

Empowering young adults to assist those in need in their communities

Promoting female leadership within ERC at all levels


The compassion of Edmund Rice compels our outreach

Participants’ experiences and hopes inform our programs


Our Governance

Edmund Rice Camps is committed to the best practive in orgnisaitonal governance.  This commitment is outlined in our Governance Statement.


Our Commitment to Safeguarding Children and Young People From Abuse and Neglect

Edmund Rice Camps Inc is an independent and not for profit organisation.  It supports children, young people and families with recreational and role modelling opportunities.

Our organisation operates within the greater Melbourne region and provides residential recreational camps staffed by young volunteers with a 1:1 ratio of volunteers to participants. All people who attend our camps have undergone a Working With Children Check. 

Every person who shares in the work of Edmund Rice Camps including staff, board members, volunteers, contractors, and supporters ensure they promote the best interests of children and young people as detailed in our Child Protection Policy. 

The best interests of children, young people and families must always be paramount. The Board endorses and approves Edmund Rice Camps’ commitment to Safeguarding Children from abuse and neglect.


Our Future

Edmund Rice Camps is committed to continuing to provide high quality services to the community and engage in community strengthening by being responsive to existing needs of children, young people, families and volunteers, whilst also developing and implementing ways to respond to emerging needs.

 How We Are Funded

Our work is made possible by income generated from camp fees, sponsorship from the Christian Brothers Oceania Province, funding from Edmund Rice Foundation Australia (ERFA), philanthropic grants, in kind and cash donations from businesses and schools, individual donations and fund raising events.


We charge agencies a small participants camp fee.  This fee equates to approximately 20% of the actual camp costs.

Our volunteers not only contribute their time but they also pay a small fee to attend camp.  Again this fee covers less then 30% of the training and support costs of our volunteer program.


We regularly seek the support of foundations and governments through grant applications.  


Edmund Rice schools in the greater Melbourne area are enthusiastic supporters of our work and provide in kind support and cash donations:

  • St Kevin's College
  • St Bernard's College
  • St Joseph's College
  • St Patrick's College
  • Parade College
  • CBC St Kilda

Independent Schools from around Melbourne also assist with promoting our program and providing in kind support and fundraising opportunities:

  • St Columba's College
  • Penola Catholic College
  • Yarra Valley Grammar
  • Presentation College Windsor
  • Star of the Sea
  • Xavier College


Donations and involvement in our fundraising activities by individuals who feel passionately about what we do and are moved by the positive impact of our work, are essential to the operation of ERC.

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