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Our Summer Kids Camp involves lots of fun at the beach.

Our Programs - Our Volunteers

We invest in our volunteers, providing them support, training and opportunities.

This enables them to take on responsibility and to contribute in a meaningful and recognised way to their community. We ensure they are provided the support and information they need to make informed positive decisions.  We believe this to be an investment in the future leaders of our community.

SMall---Bike-Riding.jpgUnique to Edmund Rice Camps

Each of our camps  are “staffed” entirely by our trained volunteers.  These volunteers are mostly aged 17 -30 years. We invite, train and challenge these young people to act as positive role models to our participants, as well as each other.

Our camping model, the strict 1:1 ratio of campers to volunteers, we believe creates the best opportunity to build strong relationships.

Personal Development

The effect the camp experience has on the personal development of volunteers is enormous. With 30 years of anecdotal evidence we know that many of our volunteers have gone on to become committed community volunteers.  Some have used their ERC experience as motivation to become community leaders and professionals within the education and community sectors. 

We are humbled to know that the time volunteers spend with us has helped shape them to become valued contributors to our community.


We encourage our more experienced volunteers to challenge themselves further by taking on positions of greater responsibility and leadership. Each volunteer learns through practice to lead and manage teams, facilitate groups, run events and activities, use innovation and creativity to enthuse and inspire, to plan, problem solve and respond to the unexpected.  We are happy to provide references for our volunteers as they enter higher education and/or the workforce.


Volunteer Roles on Camp

Volunteers perform all roles on camp including:Volunteer--Kitchen.jpg

  • Camp Leader
  • Group Leader
  • Captain (logistical management)
  • Coach (people management)
  • Pastoral Facilitator (emotional well being of volunteers)
  • Bus Driver
  • Cook / Kitchen Assistant  

Non Camp Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to volunteering “on camp” there are a number of other essential volunteer “off camp” roles available:

  • Join our board of management
  • Help out on a sub committee. Leader Formation, Marketing and Fundraising, Publicity and Publications.
  • Equipment maintenance and organisation
  • Assist in the office with administration.


ERC is committed to its volunteer policies and to providing regular training for all volunteers.   All new leaders are required to attend a compulsory new leader training day.

In addition we offer a number of courses and other training opportunities to our volunteers to assist them in acquiring skills in:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Managing difficult behaviour
  • Handling critical situations
  • Level 2 First Aid and Anaphylaxis Management
  • Community Surf Rescue Certificate
  • Bus licenses  


Rights and Responsibilities of being a Volunteer

Volunteering is lots of fun. It is also important to remember that you have rights and responsibilities as a volunteer. We have developed a manual that outlines the Who, How, Why. ERC Rights and Responsibilities Manual


Trivia - Social.jpgThe Social Side

Hanging out with other great people is huge part of camp. In addition to the camps themselves there are regular social activities held throughout the year for volunteers to catch up such as an Open Mic night, Lawn Bowls, BBQ’s and Retreat weekends away. Volunteers are also kept connected through our quarterly newsletter called Rice Grains - articles can be viewed in the Whats News section of this site.

Volunteer Today!

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer with Edmund Rice Camps, visit our Volunteer Today page.  


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