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Volunteers are a crucial part of Edmund Rice Camps, we welcome applications from anyone interested in our work. 

How Can I Become a Volunteer? (For New Volunteers)

The majority of our volunteers are young (between 17 and 30 years of age) or young at heart.  We actively recruit volunteers from secondary schools and universities in Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat!  

 To volunteer on a camp you are required to:  

  • Be aged 17 years or older
  • Complete 2018 New Volunteers Expression of Interest Form
    • This includes your registration to attend a New Leader Training Day
    • When this is received you will be sent a Volunteer Application Form to complete 
  • Attend an Edmund Rice Camps New Leader Training Day
    • Our Upcoming New Leader Training Days are as Follows:
    • Sunday 27th May 2018, 10am - 5pm, Ballarat
    • Sunday 26th August 2018, 10am - 5pm, Essendon
    • Saturday 24th November 2018, 10am - 5pm, Lower Plenty
  • Complete Child Protection Foundational Training as part of your New Leader Training Day
  • If you are over 18 years old, complete a Working With Children Check
  • Sign up for your first camp via the 2018 New Volunteers Expression of Interest Form (above)

What does a Volunteer do?

There are lots of ways to volunteer on camp.  The single biggest volunteer role is Camp Leader.  

In addition we are always in need of volunteers who can:

  • Drive a bus for a day or two on camp.
  • Help out in the kitchen with cooking or dish washing during camp
  • Help out on a sub committee. Leader Formation, Marketing and Fundraising, Publicity and Publications and Equipment support.
  • Assist in the office with some administration.
  • Join our Board of Management.

A 1:1 ratio of volunteers to participants is provided on each camp to ensure an opportunity is created for great relationships to be built.  Being a leader is mostly about having fun with a camp participant, bringing energy and becoming a role model by demonstrating positive behaviour.

Our camps are residential which means that volunteers and camp participants stay over night and share all meals together.

As a leader you will arrive the afternoon before a camp starts to meet the other leaders and prepare for camp.

Each day on camp you will be "buddied" up with a camp participant.  You will hang out with your buddy, play, have fun and assist them in joining all of the planned activities.  Several times a day a buddy swap will take place to give leaders and buddies a chance to meet new people.

Our leaders on camp are supported by an "Executive Team" of experienced leaders.  This team's role is to take care of logistics and to support leaders and camp participants in having the best time possible.

Upcoming Camp Details for Volunteers - 2019 Camps

For Volunteers who have previously completed a camp with ERC VIC or Completed a New Volunteer Training Day with ERC Vic:

You can sign up for a 2019 Camp here: 2019 Volunteer Camp Registration Form (for registered volunteers)

If you would like to get involved and become a Volunteer, please complete the 2018 Volunteers Expression of Interest Form 

2019 Autumn Camps:

  • March Long Weekend Asylum Seeker Camp (Santa Monica): Pre-Camp Day Sun 3rd March;
  • Refugee Kids Camp (Doxa): Sun 14th April - Thurs 18th April

  • Indigenous Kids Camp (Amberley): Thurs 18th April - Mon 22nd April

March Long Weekend Camp Volunteer Applications Close Mon 11th February 2019
Refugee Kids and Indigenous Kids Volunteer Applications Close Mon 18th March 2019

2019 Winter Camps:

  • Winter Kids Camp (Doxa): Mon 1st July - Fri 5th July
  • Winter Family Camp (Amberley): Sun 7th July - Fri 12th July
Winter Camps Volunteer Applications Close Mon 27th May 2019

Pre & Post camp Executive Leader Meetings

The Exec team is made up of Senior leaders who have done extra training. They take on roles including Pastoral Facilitator, Coach, Captain & Group Leader/Support Leader. All exec members must attend a meeting prior to the start of camp (pre-camp exec meeting) and a meeting after the end of camp (post camp exec meeting). The dates of these meetings are listed below:

Camp Pre camp exec meeting Post camp exec meeting
2019 Summer Camps  Thursday 6th December 2018  Thursday 7th February 2019
2019 March Long Weekend Camp  Thursday 28th February 2019  Thursday 14th March 2019
2019 Autumn Camps (Doxa Kids and Easter Kids) Thursday 4th April 2019  Thursday 2nd May 2019
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